Công Ty Cổ Phần Phân Phối Điện Tử JVS

JVS Electronic Distribution Joint Stock Company was established on February 7, 2014, is an enterprise operating mainly in the field of office electronics business, providing education, school and medical solutions. and solutions to install surveillance cameras. From the forerunner is an enterprise business office equipment, CCTV, operating since the end of 2009.

We are gradually rising to become a leading distributor of electronics in Vietnam. JVS Electronics Distribution Joint Stock Company is currently a genuine distributor such as SONY projector, LG projector, MAGITECH document shredder, LG Camera and a high-ranking partner of leading technology corporations such as: Sony, LG, Magitech, DELL, TOA, MEKI, Omi, Honeywel, ORION, BOSCH, … Therefore every product we provide to customers is always genuine with a long-term warranty policy.

In addition, the strength of JVS Electronic Distribution Joint Stock Company is also aimed at providing CCTV installation solutions.

With a team of experienced staff and in-depth training, a team of skilled technicians. Along the professional working process, JVS Electronic Distribution Joint Stock Company brings the best quality products and services to customers. Ensure timely delivery, reasonable price to meet the needs of customers.

Customer service attitude of the staff is the top priority. Each employee before working directly with customers undergoes a thorough training process, understanding the products and services the company offers. From there there are consultants that best suit the needs of customers. The enthusiasm and thoughtfulness in every step of consulting and customer care after using the company’s products and services become the trademark of JVS Electronic Distribution Joint Stock Company. This is an issue that most businesses often overlook.

With the motto of operation: “Customer satisfaction is our success”. JVS Electronic Distribution Joint Stock Company has been making daily efforts in human resources and material resources to build a reputable brand, creating trust with customers about the products and services we provide.


– Constantly innovating and improving to bring high quality products and services at reasonable prices to customers.

– Implementing the appropriate material and spiritual remuneration for employees in the company to encourage creating new quality values ​​for customers.


– Becoming the leading company in Vietnam in the field of electronic distribution.

– Is a company that values ​​the creativity of each individual, values ​​transparency and ethics professional ethics.

– Towards the community and corporate culture. Create a better life for employees, partners and society.

Business philosophy

– Quality of products, services, reputation The company is central to development to bring success to the relentless efforts.

– Customer benefits are number one.

– Employee income is responsibility.

– Sticking together to develop.

In order to provide the most convenient customer service nationwide, JVS Electronic Joint Stock Company has built a distribution system and branches in all 3 regions of the country.

Core values

– We are a company that values ​​the creativity of each individual.

– Valuing human transparency and professional ethics. Product quality is guaranteed to be genuine, professional service monitors every step of the way.

– Towards a good community and business culture

– Create a better life for employees, partners and society.

Typical customers

During the operation of our company, we have received the confidence of many leading units and businesses such as:

– Nguyen Kim Electronics Project
– Ho Chi Minh City University of Culture Project
– Tran Anh Electronics project
– Phan Khang Electronics Center project
– Phong Vu electronics project

In addition to services and construction solutions, installation of project works on JVS Electronic Distribution Joint Stock Company, there are many contracts to provide other genuine electronic devices. Through the continuous effort to bring quality products and services, we have gradually affirmed our position in the hearts of our customers.

JVS System Store

  • Head Office: 24 Giai Phong, Ward 15, Tân Bình, TP.HCM
    Phone: (028) 3811 3149
  • JVS Da Nang: 181 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City
    Phone: (0236) 6280 280
  • JVS Hanoi: 10/155/74/20 Truong Chinh, Phuong Liet Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
    Phone: (024) 3200 3005
  • JVS Can Tho: 110 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City
    Phone: 0967 033 533

Consulting hotline and customer service: 0903 751 781