You are in need of a D-Socket power outlet but don’t know what its characteristics are and whether you should choose this product to use or not. See the article for below for more details.

What is D-Socket power outlet?

D-Socket is a product of Dicom that aims to not only bring utility value but also high aesthetics. Dicom Smarthome’s unique design: simple but no less subtle.
To create solutions with a comprehensive product system, Dicom designed a modern tempered glass socket face with Schneider’s “socket nut” to bring the luxury of the house. As a result, using the product also becomes safer.

D-Socket power outlet function

D – Socket power sockets feature safe, efficient, reliable and durable electrical conductivity. The surface of tempered glass socket is one of the trends for modern houses, which is not only safe but also brings personality and values ​​to the beautiful house.
Technical data
Rated current: 10A
Voltage: 230VAC / 50Hz
Size: 95 x 95 x 12.5mm
Number of sockets: 2
Color: Silver

This is a 2-in-1 product with 4 circular 2-pin plug sections and 4 USB charging ports. The product incorporates fast charging technology that allows users to charge the Smartphone battery without the need for a charger. You only need only one smart power outlet, helping you to use with all household electrical appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines … Just 1 single outlet will replace all the socket in the your family.
The product also has 4 USB ports for charging all phones, smartphones, tablets, music players, cameras … At the same time, the D-Socket power socket is equipped with an additional smart chip. The chip will automatically power off when the socket is overloaded or an unexpected error occurs during use.
With heat-resistant up to 750 degrees C. When the outlet is exposed to heat, quickly prevent the fire from spreading on the socket. This helps limit heat catch, damage and gives users enough time to detect and prevent.
Power Socket D – Socket produces a maximum of 2.1A per USB port. It will adjust the current according to your needs without over-charging (overcharging) or unnecessary overcurrent. This is an extremely useful feature because we do not have to worry about plugging the cable into the port for iPad or for Android … of old devices. Just plug the cable in and charge is done.
Smart socket – Automatically disconnects the power when the device is used through smart socket does not work The socket will automatically disconnect the device (similar to unplugging the plug from the outlet). This does not change the habit when turning off your device. But make sure the device after shutdown will be isolated from the power. Help limit the problems that are not good to the device as mentioned above. In case you use for Laptop power supply. The socket will automatically disconnect when the battery is fully charged or charged to your capacity.
Over-voltage protection: In case, for any reason, the voltage increases beyond the allowed level, the smart socket will automatically disconnect the device. This will protect the device from damage due to the supply voltage being higher than the allowed level.
Above is the information you need to know about the D-Socket power outlet. Hope the details in the article can help readers understand more about this product.