With the situation of Covid 19 becoming more and more complex as it is now, some schools have been gradually turning to online learning / meeting with Zoom Meeting. So what happens when the background behind you is so messy, the furniture is messing around or simply things you don’t want others to see? Don’t worry, today JVS will show you how to change the background with the virtual wallpaper feature available in Zoom meeting.
How to install the virtual background Virtual Background

Step 1: Open the installed zoom software, click the settings icon

Step 2: Click on the Virtual Backgrounds section


Step 3: Select the virtual wallpaper you want, the first time to use it will download the image, the next time you do not need anymore


If you want to use a background other than the existing ones, click the “+” sign to download the image or video you want. Conversely, if you do not want to use colorful pictures but simply a blue background then click on the “I have a green screen” just below


If you have not installed the virtual wallpaper before, you can still change it during the call. By clicking the arrow icon next to the camera, then choose Choose a virtual background …


With just a few simple steps, you can change the background to your liking. If you do not know about Zoom meeting, then this is a great online learning / meeting application used by many companies and schools, especially in this Covid19 season. Contact JVS now for a free consultation!

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