Vietnam Doctor’s Day is February 27, starting after 1955, in association with the fact that Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter to the Conference of Health Professionals. The Ministry of Health has taken February 27 as the industry’s traditional day.

Accordingly, February 27 every year is the Vietnam Doctor’s Day in order to uphold the responsibility and the ingenuity of health workers in the cause of national construction and defense. From that year on, February 27th is considered to be the day to honor doctors, doctors and other people working in the medical industry in Vietnam and called the Vietnam Doctor’s Day.

With that sacred meaning, on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the Vietnam Doctor’s Day, JVS Electronics Distribution Joint Stock Company would like to send to the doctors and staff who are working in the medical field wishes for good health, Happy and reap new success! Regardless of the field, where, what position … are always proud of the fine tradition of the industry, always worthy of the respect and honor of the society “Doctors as a model” in accordance Uncle Ho’s instructions.

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