Among the advanced and modern cameras, IP Camera RNDE-B301A is a highly appreciated product line with many outstanding advantages, trusted and selected by a large number of customers. For readers to have a more detailed view of this device, JVS would like to share the following useful information.

Introduction of IP Camera RNDE-B301A

Using CCTV not only helps users to observe all activities at the installation site, but also helps to ensure security and alert the possible dangers. However, not all cameras have the best viewing effect. One of the frequently mentioned options is the IP Camera RNDE-B301A.

Product originated from LG. This is one of the top-rated product lines of the company with smart design, compact size, smart performance. The camera is equipped with a large resolution lens, for sharp image display.

Features of IP Camera RNDE-B301A

RNDE-B301A IP Camera has a compact design in a spherical shape. The camera base is round, flat, able to attach tightly to the surface of walls, ceilings … The camera part rises to be able to observe and provide the best resolution images.
RNDE-B301A IP camera has many outstanding features. Accordingly, the device has the ability to observe the specified date and time and program, and can connect flexibly with smart electronics using Android, IOS … Because Therefore, users can conveniently monitor security anytime, anywhere.
In addition, the infrared wavelength of the camera is also large, so it can cover large areas, thereby improving the observation efficiency in different areas 1 better. RNDE-B301A IP cameras are installed to best support security in areas by storing images within the field of view.

Specifications of IP Camera RNDE-B301A

Resolution: 2.0 MP, Fixed Lens 4mm, CMOS
Sensitivity: Color 0.05 lux @ F1.4 (AGC ON), B / W 0 lux @ IR LED on
Compression standards: H.265, H.264 HP / MP / BP, M-JPEG
Infrared range: 20m
Day / Night function: Dual ICR
Max Frame Rate: 30fps @ 1920×1080, 60fps @ 1280×720
Storage: (Up to 128 GB)
Ethernet: RJ-45 10 / 100BASE-T
Standard Onvif: Mobile support: Android, IOS
Source: 12V DC / POE
IP Camera RNDE-B301A is not only appreciated for its smart design, convenience, compact size, flexible operation, but also reasonable price, affordable, suitable for ability. finance of many different customers. Therefore, this camera line will be a great choice for customers.