The situation of Covid19 is getting more and more complicated and the number of infections is increasing day by day. Therefore, the cleanliness and disinfection of workplaces, schools … are increasingly emphasized to ensure the health of everyone.

With the desire to bring the best operating conditions for projector products as well as contribute to fighting the Covid19 epidemic, JVS started the program “Free Projector Maintenance”.

The program was conducted by JVS Electronics Distribution Joint Stock Company in collaboration with Sony Electronics Vietnam. With a team of skilled and highly qualified, we are honored to serve you!

The program takes place in: TP. Ho Chi Minh City from March 5 to March 31, 2020.

Apply for:

– All companies, agencies, schools use projectors.
– Cleaning all devices of brands: Dell, Optoma, Sony, …
– Customers who are old or not can join the program


“Free projector maintenance” program

1. Clean and vacuum the parts

– Dust filter mesh

– Exhaust fan cooling

– Optical Prism Block

– Lens

– Light path blocks light path

– Overall inside the machine

– Clean the outside of the body

2. Check the image

– Operating hours of the lamp to recommend lamp replacement according to operating time

– Measure brightness to determine lamp replacement if needed

– Image retrieval and calibration if available or recommended replacement Prism Block

3. Check the sound

Check the audio output of internal and external speakers

4. The image signal lines

Input signal (HDMI, Video, RJ45, VGA, ..)

5. Firmware upgrade

Upgrade software if needed

After servicing the equipment, we will send back the status report of your machine. To join the program, please contact

– Hotline: 0967 033 533

– Email:

Or sign up here

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