Màn hình chuyên dụng Sony Bravia dành cho giáo dục

Sony Bravia dedicated monitor for education

Bring real life to the classroom with sharp 4K images

Sony Bravia dedicated monitor with the advantage of outstanding brightness as well as high resolution 4K standard suitable for educational environments. It also stands out thanks to its energy-saving capabilities, being friendly to the eyes and the environment.

Mang cuộc sống thực đến lớp học với hình ảnh chuẩn sắc nét 4K

Bring real life to the classroom with sharp 4K images

There are various screen sizes available for each room. Besides, it is also ready to display lectures in attractive, accurate and amazing colors.

Clear with any study space

The BRAVIA Professional Displays screen helps students capture lessons quickly. 4K resolution enables a clear, sharp and realistic display of various types of content at the same time, including text, charts, maps, and videos.

Sáng rõ với bất cứ không gian học tập nào

Clear with any study space

Owning superior contrast and impressive brightness than other screens, Sony’s Bravia Professional Displays is ideal for classrooms with strong lighting without requiring curtains. Besides, the device also allows sharing content from a laptop or mobile device easily, booting almost instantly to save time.

The Sony Bravia dedicated monitor helps keep students focused longer

Sony Bravia dedicated screen device is designed with criteria for professional digital signage, so it provides an impressive, bright and colorful visual experience. The device is often used to display welcome messages, staff newsletters, sports results announcements, cafe menus.

Therefore, when using equipment for teaching and training, it can attract students’ attention longer. This is a perfect choice for this application environment.

Sony Bravia dedicated monitor is reliable for educational environments


Màn hình chuyên dụng Sony Bravia đáng tin cậy cho môi trường giáo dục

Sony Bravia dedicated monitor is reliable for educational environments

Sony Bravia dedicated display device is reliable for the educational environment. The reason is that the device is capable of incredible energy savings. Thanks to that, the investors can feel secure when choosing for their educational institution.

Smart energy manager helps control power consumption. At the same time, flexible control and customization options also make operations simpler and faster. Long-term warranty policy so that you do not need to worry about a replacement investment.

Sony Bravia dedicated monitors are not only the perfect choice for business environment but also for education. With a fixed initial investment, the developer was able to use the device for a long time afterwards without worrying about anything. For advice on this device, do not hesitate to contact JVS right away!