What is access control? Why do so many factories, offices and apartments choose to invest in installing this system? Join JVS in more detail in the article below for general information about this type of door access control products!

What is access control?

To the question “What is access control?”, The technical experts explained as follows: This is a system of access control through authentication of fingerprints, touch cards, passwords, faces. Devices can operate independently or connected to a computer.

Access control là gì?

What is access control?

Access control system is suitable for installation in the operating office, IT room, factory, construction management area … Based on the authorized access, this system will help ensure the security and order for the area. installation and control areas work well in or out for each individual object without investing too much for security personnel.

In addition, using the access control system in certain environments offers even more benefits. It is to control the time of entry / exit, ensure the security of employees in the company, prevent bad guys, protect assets, evidence when investigating illegal intrusion investigation data. .

What does the Access control system include?

Hệ thống Access control bao gồm những gì?

What does the Access control system include?

A complete Access control system consists of certain parts. That is:

– Central Controller (Controller): The main task of this device is to store data, check the validity of cards, fingerprints to control the door lock.

– Auxiliary reader (Reader): Receives a swipe signal or a fingerprint and sends it to the controller for checking.

– Lock Lock: Used to open and close the door when the signal is validated. There are two types of locks: electronic suction lock (use one-way opening and closing) and key release (using two-way opening and closing).

– EXIT button (Exit button): Used to open the door when guests arrive on business, the receptionist can use the button to open the door for guests to enter or use the secondary reader instead when only one-way management.

– Door sensor (Door sensor): Indicates whether the door is closed or open.

In addition, the door control system also has emergency box, power supply, management software. Each device plays a certain role to create a complete Access Control system to bring safety to the installed area.

Operating principle and system diagram

Nguyên lý hoạt động và sơ đồ hệ thống

Operating principle and system diagram

After receiving the answer to the question of what is access control system, surely some readers will want to learn more about the operating principle as well as the specific system diagram. The following is the information that JVS provides:

Principle of operation: When someone accesses / exits at the door, the secondary reader will receive signals of scanning cards or fingerprints. After that, the data is sent back to the central controller for accuracy checking. If true, the main reader will allow the door to open.

About system diagram: Depending on each specific project, the set of solutions are built differently. However, the most basic scheme is set up as follows:

Sơ đồ hệ thống của Access Control

Access Control system diagram

Installation of access control is simple or complex depending on the specific requirements of the project as well as the investor. If you are interested in this security system, do not hesitate to contact JVS immediately. Our team of experienced technical experts will support you enthusiastically.

Hopefully the above information can help you answer the question What is Access control. In the following articles, JVS will provide more useful information related to this topic. Welcome to invite you to read!

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